Secure your Data Assets with Focus-Vault

Our robust data warehousing solution is engineered to meet the complex and evolving needs of regulatory reporting.

Focus-Vault enables organizations to streamline their regulatory compliance processes, ensuring accuracy, timeliness, and transparency in their reporting activities.

Focus-Vault: Precision in Data, Confidence in Compliance

Focus-Vault is an indispensable tool for regulatory reporting, offering a centralized, reliable, and scalable solution for managing large volumes of data.

Focus-Vault enhances data quality, ensuring compliance, and providing advanced analytical capabilities, Focus-Vault helps organizations navigate the complex landscape of regulatory requirements efficiently and effectively.

Focus-Vault provides a robust platform for managing regulatory reporting with unparalleled efficiency and precision.

Key Benefits

Centralised Data Repository

Consolidates data from diverse sources, including transactional systems, and external databases, into a single, cohesive data model.​

Adaptability to Regulatory Changes​

Designed for flexibility, enabling organizations to swiftly adapt reporting processes to new and evolving regulations.

Handling Large Data Volumes

Built to manage large volumes of data efficiently, making it suitable for organizations with extensive regulatory reporting requirements.​

Optimised Query Performance

The system is optimised for fast query performance, ensuring quick data retrieval for reporting and analysis.​

Key Features

Robust Validation Checks​

Integrated validation processes automatically correct data anomalies, enhancing accuracy and integrity.

Automated Data Cleansing​

Advanced data cleansing to eliminate errors, inconsistencies, and duplicates, ensuring high-quality data for regulatory reporting.​

Daily Liquidity Metrics​

Generate daily liquidity metrics for organisation-wide use.

Custom Dashboards​

Create custom dashboards reflecting reporting and monitoring requirements for regulatory and internal teams.​
Slice and dice information using anycombination of data components.

Data Analysis​

Slice and dice information using any combination of data components.​
Unlock Seamless Integration:

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Unlock Seamless Integration:

Discover Our Solution Modules

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