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Empowering financial Institutions with our comprehensive regulatory reporting solution tailored to their unique needs and regulatory requirements.

Our Regulatory Reporting Platform

Our platform ensures comprehensive coverage of UK regulatory obligations, including Bank of England, Prudential Regulation Authority, and Financial Conduct Authority requirements. Our update service guarantees clients remain compliant amidst regulatory changes.

Key Benefits

End to End "No Touch"

Minimises end-user intervention, reducing operational risks and errors. Users are freed from administrative tasks, enabling them to focus on critical analysis, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.​

Adapts to you

No need to convert your data, our solution will map directly to the outputs of your data sources whether Core Banking, Treasury, General Ledger Excel or any other.

Data Assurance Layer

Custom validations and Reconciliation against the Trial Balance to ensure accuracy and integrity before calculation and allocation engines are brought into play

Intuitive User Experience

Our intuitive dashboard provides insights into report progress and exceptions, tailored to individual user preferences. With direct updates and highlighted areas requiring attention, navigation is seamless for prompt action.

24/7 Support

Our 24/7 support team ensures prompt assistance, ensuring timely submissions. Praised for both speed and quality, our commitment to excellent customer service is evident in our consistently satisfied client base.

Preconfigured Regulatory Rules

Our system is pre-configured with implementation of regulatory rules according to market practice, saving client's time, resources, and expensive consultant fees.

Key Features

AI Driven Exception Monitoring

Our intelligent system automatically detects anomalies and outliers, flagging them for your attention through severity level alerts.

Customisable Dashboard

Choose the metrics, layout, and visualisations that matter most to you, empowering you to monitor performance and make data-driven decisions with precision.

Variance Trend Analysis

Efficiently pinpoint deviations from historical trends in any reporting cell, and instantly identify the data item responsible for the variance.

Full Data Lineage

Experience complete transparency in your data journey with our robust data lineage feature. Gain transparency and ensure integrity effortlessly.

Early Detection of Data Issues

Identify data discrepancies and errors early on to ensure data integrity and compliance throughout the regulatory reporting process.

Efficient Monitoring And Investigation Capabilities

System rules are granular enough to ensure that the number of exceptions are kept to an absolute minimum. Rules configuration are straightforward and trace issues that truly require further investigation.

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